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January 27-28, 2023 

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. (II Timothy 2:2)

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Greetings!  Thank you, for taking the time to read about this event. We are Christian Service Brigade unit 2733 – a ministry of Hope Fellowship Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Our church has successfully run the Brigade program for many decades. In that time, we have seen hundreds of boys grow into young men with a better understanding and experience of what it means to be a Christian leader. Leaders becoming pastors, truck drivers, missionaries, teachers, doctors, principals, accountants, police officers, business leaders, mechanics, and a plethora of other vocations – taking leadership roles in their family, church and community - passing on the torch, by teaching others how to also become servant leaders. The elements making Christian Service Brigade the outstanding ministry it is are centered on its core values – of being a relevant, engaging, intergenerational, single-gender, Christ centered, discipleship ministry. While the world seeks to minimize male distinctiveness, Brigade realizes there are some significant differences between the sexes. Boys need to be challenged, they need to compete and prove themselves. They need Godly male role models to guide them through their raging hormonal teenage years. Brigade is a perfect outlet for boys to be boys, especially as they transition into manhood. This is done through games, camping trips, activities and skill development that will interest and challenge them. As they learn to study God’s Word, they do so with men though the lens of a man - learning what it means to be a follower of Christ by watching and doing alongside Godly men. Without the distraction of girls they are free to be open and honest, without the need to impress. As a teen they will have an opportunity to learn how to disciple the younger boys in their group. Each program proactively prepares them to successfully enter into the next phase of their lives – up to and including adulthood. As an adult they are then encouraged to continue growing by pouring their lives into another generation.

Christian Service Brigade had recently gone through some difficult times. However, due to a widespread grassroot movement of alumni and local leaders we have seen a definite shift in vision and focus, taking us back to our core values. We are both grateful and optimistic in the direction the organization is heading. We desire to ride the wave here in the Carolinas and have a vision of seeing several Brigade units springing up throughout our area. We believe one day we will have enough units to sponsor our own regional events such as: Camp-O-Rama, Iron Sharpens Iron, Stockade-O-Rama, Shape-N-Race, and Battalion Noncom Conference, just to name a few.

So, in a step of faith, we have again decided to partner with CSB and sponsor an event we're calling N-Vision Carolina. We are inviting CSB Staff to share their Vision of discipling young men for Christ - sharing with Brigade Alumni, Pastors, Church Leaders and others from the Carolinas. Not only will this be an excellent time to hear the vision – but, it will be a great time of fellowship as well. Alumni will have opportunity to reminisce with each other with stories of challenge, growth and fun. There will be testimonies and time to ask questions of current Battalion and Stockade leaders. Lunch will be served on Saturday, and throughout the weekend there will be other opportunity to interact for any who are interested. Whether you come to learn, or come to support, we earnestly pray you will invest the time to participate in what may prove to be an historic meeting for the Carolinas - see details.

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Please register using link above - this will be a tremendous help to us in planning meal and seat counts. Registration is Free.

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